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A Few Social Networking Reminders

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They say sites like Facebook is losing its charm, and that microblogging is the newest IN thing now. True or not, joining social networking sites like Twitter helps people broadcast information in the form of short messages. There are other sites that offer microblogging and although these sites can be very helpful to keep in touch with all your friends, you might also wanna be wiser before signing up.

How many social networking sites do you belong to at the present? There’s Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Multiply, and many more. Still new sites and invites-to-join are to pop up in your inbox soon. Just remember that before you sign up, think if the effort it takes to maintain your account is worth it.

Do you know who’s inviting you? Sure it’s fun to be popular, but accepting invites should not be automatic. Just like choosing friends in real life, filter the people on your network. Otherwise, you’ll get a lot of random strangers and their posts which doesn’t even interest you.

Careful what you write on the profile. Aside from your name, make sure the personal info you display are not too private. Some people can actually steal your identity if you leave your life’s details out in the open.

Use it for your business and professional growth. Social networking sites aren’t just about attention-whoring nowadays. These sites have proven to be very cost-effective in disseminating info that’s why people use it as a marketing tool for businesses.


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One Response to “A Few Social Networking Reminders”

  • Holly Powell says:

    We are bombarded with different social networking sites.. The question we should ask to our selves is that how a social network site is different from the other and how it stands out from the rest of other social networking sites. Thanks for sharing this insightful posts. Looking forward to looking other great posts from you..

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