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Starting on Multi-tasking


Multi-tasking is the act of doing multiple tasks at the same time. Some are naturally skilled at this while some are better off doing one thing at a time. However, during these times when everything seems to move at 100 miles per hour, it is always an advantage to acquire this skill. For those who are newbies at multi-tasking, you can practice doing the following first:

While cooking. You can save time cooking by doing several things at the same time. If you are making pasta, you can start by boiling the water. While waiting, you can chop the other ingredients you will need. Or if you are making stew (which can take at least an hour to cook beautifully), you can
do the laundry or clean the bathroom.

While watching television. You can do several househould chores while watching television in the evening. You can vacuum the carpet, clear your bed, or even fold your clothes.

Sometimes we spend time on our butt while talking on the telephone. This might take a bit of practice, but you can use your computer at work while using the phone. You can purchase a headset to keep your hands free to do other tasks.

If you commute to work or to school, you can always use the time in a bus or train to catch up on some reading. If you drive, you can listen to audio books, may it be fiction, or something useful as a language-learning CD.


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