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Strengthening Your Team


Are you the leader of your team at work? Here are a few ways on how to strengthen your team’s relationship:

Always encourage involvement and participation. Make sure that everyone gets to share ideas with the rest of the group. This is the same during decision making – everyone should have a say in the matter. It is important that everyone feels that their individual contribution is important to the outcome. This will further motivate the members of your team to do their best.

Train and guide your team. Find ways on how you can improve your members’ skills. Make sure that everyone is not left behind. If anyone is got at anything, you can have them mentor the other members of the team as well.

Recognize those individuals who are doing a great job. Reward them for their efforts. This will make them do better at their job, while the others will be encouraged to do likewise because they know that you give credit where it’s due/

Resolve conflict within the group. Avoid going to your higher ups if you can work the problem out among yourselves.

Have non-work outings or organize activities outside the office such as retreats or parties. This will help the interaction flow better among the members as they will be more relaxed in those settings.

Most importantly, make sure that the communication lines among the team members are open and clear. Be transparent about problems and issues.


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