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Surviving Unemployment

Odd JOb

No time to panic, just time to get organized. While you find ways of recouping your losses (i.e. looking for a new job), you should also mind your spending habits.

Time to check how much you have left. Re-calculate your expenses and create a new budget. If you have loans, it’s also time to call your creditors and work out a new plan of payment that can work for all of you.

Look at the areas where you can cut back a bit. You would need your phone and internet connection definitely for when you look for a new job. You can cut on leisure items such as dining out, and cable television.

Stick to the basics. Lists will be your best friend during this time. Whether it’s for grocery shopping, or any other kind of buying, it’s only wise to write everything down. Stick to your list and your budget. Shop only what you need.

Look for part-time work
or other alternatives for earning money, while unemployed. You will not have any idea how long it will take before you can find a new job, so for the meantime you can try freelance work, or other part time jobs you can get your hands into.


One Response to “Surviving Unemployment”

  • Dominic Son says:

    That’s why friends and family are important – they reassure you of your talents (hopefully you’ve expressed yourself to the fullest to make people see). There needs to be more sites like where people in your job sector come together and rate each other’s resume. Hiring managers will then be able to see more clearly who’s fit for the job. Because as it stands, this is just vicious cycle that I doubt will change, unless we change. Don’t make me sing “Man in the mirror” from MJ – your computer screen will crack!

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