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Taking Care of Pearl Necklaces


Pearl jewelry are always classy and beautiful. You can never go wrong with pearl necklaces. As they are quite fragile and expensive, pearls must also be handled carefully.

Always put on pearl jewelry last. Make-up, hairspray, and perfume should be put on before pearl jewelry. Chemicals can damage the finish of the pearls and might even stain them permanently.

Purchase a special cleaning cloth for pearls.
You can inquire at jewelry stores, but a microfiber cloth can also do the job. Never add chemicals to the cloth. Gently run the cloth over the pearls without using pressure. Use a jewelry cleaning brush for the clasp.

Store each pearl necklace in a silk pouch. Silk fabrics give that added protection from scratching.  You can now then store the pouch in their hard case so that dust won’t come through the silk pouch.

Have your pearl jewelry cleaned professionally at least once a year. If you purchase your pearls from a particular store, I’m sure they will be happy to do the cleaning for you at a minimum price (if not for free).


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