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Tips for Online-based Work

Spending Money Online

Internet-based work is very popular nowadays. Because of technology, it is no longer difficult to just work in your office at home. If you decide to go the online route as a career move, here are some tips on how to make sure you grow in your chosen profession:

Keep yourself up-to-date on the latest skills of the trade. Take time to train yourself on a particular software you might need to use for work. You can do online training, or you can read books in your spare time. You can also enroll yourself for formal training in a nearby learning institution.

Make your presence known in the World Wide Web. Register in freelance sites and regularly monitor  the forum threads. You can even create your own website or work blog. If you can afford it, arrange for your business to appear on online advertisements. But more importantly, keep an updated portfolio of your work. So in case potential clients ask for samples of your work, you can readily them them your masterpieces.

Don’t forget that there is life outside the internet. Some work contacts can be found through friends, former colleagues, etc. Arrange your time so you don’t neglect meeting “real people.”¬† Have a card printed which you can bring with you just in case an opportunity to present your business suddenly arrives.

Take care of your gear.
Upgrade your system or buy new hardware. Keep the number of a technician in case of emergencies. Your gear is your main factory, without it, you’ll have major glitches. You wouldn’t want your system to crash especially if you have deadlines to meet.


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