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Training for New Hires


Signing the contract isn’t the last step in acquiring new employees. The management and the HR department need to establish a transitioning system so that the new hires can stay focused on the job that’s ahead of them.

Start with an on-boarding session wherein the company’s mission, vision, and other objectives and policies are discussed. You can also use this opportunity to tour the new hires in the building to let them know the facilities.

Give employees adequate training
. Make sure that the company has developed a good training system. Don’t let them flounder like a fish out of the water.

Limit the new hires’ tasks. Assign a mentor to one or a a group of them and let them gradually get the hang of doing their new work.

Make sure that they know where to go if they have questions or if they need something. Supervisors should introduce themselves and make themselves available to any questions or consultations.


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