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Waste Management in the Office


Turning green in the office? Here are ways on how to reduce waste in the workplace:

Since everyone is going digital nowadays, minimize the use of paper and instead put files on computer (have back-ups for sure). You can also use electronic sticky notes and personal organizers.

Try reducing waste by making sure that your office printers are set in which they can print on both sides.

Encourage employees to reuse. This can be applicable from office suplies like ink cartridges, envelopes, batteries to tea or coffee cups. For the latter, you can also hand out personal mugs to use.

Also consider buying in bulk and buy office items strategically. This will not only help save supplies, it can also save time and money.

One ecologically friendly solution to waste problem in the office is by having vermicomposting – which is keeping worm bins in the building wherein hundred of worms are used to decompose waste such as food scraps, coffee grounds, and shredded paper. They produce rich soil in return.


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