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Welcoming Out-of-Town Wedding Guests


Are you planning to invite out-of-town people to your wedding? Out-of-town guests will also make an effort to get to your wedding even if the have to make time off their busy schedules and travel far. The least you can do is to make sure that they are comfortable and that they also enjoy this special moment of your life. Read the following tips and suggestions to make sure that you’ll be the perfect hosts:

Make sure that they have comfortable accommodations. If you have the resources, and you plan to offer to pay for their stay, you can book them in a hotel or you can find space in a mutual friend or a relative’s home. If they will be paying for their own accommodation, you can help by researching hotels in the area and give them a choice.

Consider arranging transportation for your guests. You can ask if the hotel they will be staying in have a complimentary shuttle service that would take them to and from the airport. If you’re on a budget, you can ask a friend and a relative to drive them around.

A welcome gift basket would also be nice. Call them too once you’ve learned that they’ve arrived These are nice ways of saying thank you for their efforts in being with you on your special day.


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