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When Your Boss Is Abusive


Do your bosses always put you down? Do they take pleasure in calling you names and throwing insults as if they were candies in a children’s party? Do they look at you with such intense aggression that you’d rather the earth swallow you instead?

Or perhaps they are the type who pretend to be all sweet and kind but are actually just lying in wait for their big attack?

Or maybe they are control freaks who doe everything in their power to make sure that their poor victim fail because they need to decide who would shine in the company (namely them)?

What do you do?

Let them know you won’t take it. If you learn that your boss is putting you down in front of the company’s top honcho, have the source put it in writing. Confront the boss in a direct and professional manner.  Remember that defaming is illegal and you can even seek legal counsel. If your boss is being a control freak, let them know that what he or she is doing is stifling but that you are willing to talk it over to find a better way of doing things.

Document it. Write down all the instances that your boss has bullied you. Include the time, the date, and the incident. Write down verbatim what he or she said. This will be useful in case you need to take legal action. You can always try to talk with the boss first. Let them know that you are willing to work things out amicably, but if they refuse you can add this to your notes.

Know when to leave.
If the bullying is affecting your work and your health, then it’s high time that you leave. Your boss won’t change and you’re better of somewhere where you can be appreciated. Don’t take it lying down. It doesn’t mean that since they’re the boss, they can do whatever they want – even treating their employees as animals. Hold on to your dignity while you still have it and leave.


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