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Working Smart


Tired? Stressed out trying to finish small tasks that seem to pile up day after day? Why not work smart instead of working hard? Here are some simple tips to help you make your work life a bit easier.

Use your strengths. Do not waste time working on things that you are not particularly good at. Be more productive by using the skills and strengths that you already possess. However…

Learn. If you find yourself lacking in some skills, then delegate a bit of your extra time to polish rusty skills. You can study on your own or you can formally enroll in a class.

Prioritize. We can never get enough of lists. Just list down the tasks that you need to do in a particular day. Rank them according to their priority – or which should be done first. If you’re not exactly a paper and pen person, you can always use what works for you – may it be technology, or if you have a good memory, then you can always store it in your mental planner.

Organize. The minutesĀ  you spend looking for your stapler, or making unplanned phone calls can add up to an hour spent on more important things. Use a diary or a planner to keep you reminded of special dates or appointments. Keep your workspace clean and clutter-fee. Make sure you know where everything is. Write labels on drawers and cabinets if these could help.

Stop. Learn when to stop working. Pushing yourself too hard will only result to mistakes and more stress. People are more productive when they are not burning candles at both ends. Call it a day and get a good night’s rest. You’ll find that you have more energy to work the next day.


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