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May, 2010

Managing Waiting Staff

Do you manage waiters in a restaurant? Here are some suggestions on how to make sure that your waiting staff will do their work as expected:

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Being a Good Co-worker

Characteristics of a good co-worker are the same as those for a good manager. Attaining an MS in management will expose you to the following tips in being a good co-worker, along with a number of other tips to climb the management ladder. Being a good co-worker is also important as being a good worker. If you wish to be …Continue reading →

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Planning a Superbowl Party

Superbowl parties are fun, especially if you and yoru friends are football enthusiasts. But before you start inviting friends over, here are some things you may want to prepare:

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Proper Storage of Fruits and Vegetables

Here are more tips on how to properly store fruits and vegetables and avoid wasting your hard-earned money.

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Buying Cosmetics as Gifts

Women friends would love to receive cosmetics as gift items.

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Measuring Wedding Ring Sizes

Measuring sizes for wedding rings shouldn’t be tough.

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Cleaning Cat Hair

Cats are cute. They’re adorable and certainly fun to have around. But one thing that can annoy you about them is that most of them shed too much hair. Rubber will be your best mate here. You can don a pair of runner gloves and run them along the couch and other pieces of furniture. Cat hair will surely stick …Continue reading →

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Budget Beach Trips

Going on budget trips are attainable, even those going to the beach.

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Washing Tomato Sauce Off Clothing

Kids (and even adults alike) often spill tomate sauce or spaghetti sauce on their shirts. Don’t panic. There are easy enough ways to get rid of these stains.

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Anti-bark Collars for Yoru Dog

If you badly need to discipline your pet dog because of its incessant barking, you might consider getting an anti-bark collar for it.

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