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Anti-bark Collars for Yoru Dog

If you badly need to discipline your pet dog because of its incessant barking, you might consider getting an anti-bark collar for it.

There are different varieties of collars, depending on the size of your pet and its temparament. Better to seek advice from the pet store before buying one.

Shock collars emit slight electric charges when the dog barks. Although this sounds harsh, it does not harm the dog. However, it can be effective when you want your dog to quit barking.

Another kind of collar is one that sprays citronella towards the dog’s nose. It usually alerts you when it emits a sound. The wet sensation causes the dog to quit barking.

Another collar is one that emits a high pitched noise that only dogs can hear. This is called a sonic bark collar. The noise annoys the dog and it will make it quit barking as well.


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