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Assigning Chores to Kids

Here are tips on how to assign chores to kids:

Teenagers can be given more responsibilities. Chores that adults do
can be taught to these older kids. For example, moingthe lawn,
cooking, doing the laundry, babysitting the younger kids, etc. Use
these opportunities to teach them life skills they will need when they
become independent.

Children in the fourth to sixth grade can be given lighter chores.
Dishwashing, taking out the trash, vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom,
some yard work, and light cooking can be given to them. These children
can be left alone after some initial help.

Younger school children are able to sweep the floor, mop spills, help
with doing dishes and folding laundry. They can also make their own
beds and a bit of light cleaning. You can also teach them how to make
sandwiches or how to fix a bowl of cereals.

Pre-school children can be taught simple chores. At this age, children
do not actually “do” chores, but this is the best time to start
teaching and letting them help with your own chores. For example, you
can purchase a small broom for them so they can help you sweep the
floor when you do it.


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