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Avoiding Bad Cholesterol

Here are some tips on how to lower bad cholesterol:

Whole grains can lower bad cholester as it works by preventing
cholestoral from being absorbed into the bloodstream. Fine examples of
whole grains are oatmeal, brown rince, and whole wheat bread.

Tuna, salmnon, sardines, mackarel, and other oily fish have Omega-3
fatty acids which boosts good cholesterol and lowers bad ones.

Protein from meat is not also important. However, avoid processed meat
such as ham, bacon, and sausages, and focus on leaner cuts. Poultry is
a good source of protein as well.

Vegetables and fruits are obviously good for you as they contain no
cholesterol. For fats in food, use olive oil, corn oil, and other
vegetable oil instead of trans fats.


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