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Babies and Traveling in Airplanes

Babies too can travel in planes. If you are worried about disturbing other passengers, here are some tips on how to prepare your child for a flight:

This might take more money, but booking a seat in advance can make sure that you get the best spot. And what is the best spot? It’s the one where you face the wall or the bulkhead (ask for this when you book your flight). Since you are facing the wall, this spot has more front room and will be less disturbing for the other passengers.

Consider booking flights that take off when your baby is asleep. This way, your baby can sleep most of the flight.

Don’t forget to pack along your baby’s favorite toys and blanket. This will help your child adapt to his surroundings by having familiar things with him. As much as possible, stick to your bedtime routines such as feeding, changing, soft-reading or singing.


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