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Backpacking Travel Tips

Backpacking is one good way of going on a holiday. It is less expensive and you can get to more places than you would if you go on package tours. However, like any form of travel, there are some things you should prepare for before leaving:

Have your passport, credit cards, traveler’s checks, and other important documents copied. Leave them in an envelope with a family member or a good friend. Or you can just leave it in a safe place at home. This will make replacing them easier in case you lose them during your travels. Don’t forget to bring copies on your person too.

Do not worry the people back home. Make sure you call, or text, or e-mail at least once a week so you’ll know you’re safe.

For safety purposes, lock your luggage. As you will be bringing a smaller bag with you when you go out, it is better to keep things safe from thieves. This is good practice especially if you are to share a room with other travelers.


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