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Being a Good Co-worker

Characteristics of a good co-worker are the same as those for a good manager. Attaining an MS in management will expose you to the following tips in being a good co-worker, along with a number of other tips to climb the management ladder.

Being a good co-worker is also important as being a good worker. If you wish to be that person at work whom everybody likes, without sucking up to anyone, then read the following suggestions:

Treat others as you would yourself. It maybe an old adage but it sure is a very important thought to keep. Be honest, respectful, and responsible for your words and actions, and you’ll be surprised to find out that you’re treated the same.

Nobody likes dealing with someone who has a negative outlook. Always maintain a positive attitude when dealing with everything and everyone.

Communicate openly. Listen when you’re being talked to and reserve your opinions only when needed. If somebody is offering constructive criticism, thank that person and listen to what is being said. Don’t take it personally.

Make sure that your personal and professional issues are separated. Keep your personal problems to yourself when you’re at work. Better yet, try not to think about them in the office as you will only get stressed, making your work life suffer.

This will also keep you from being gossiped about in the workplace. Do not talk behind coworkers’ backs. If you have complaints, make sure you tell them to the proper channels.

Don’t be a know-it-all. Give chance for others to shine. Be a good team player.


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