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Being Direct at Work

Being direct at work has its advantages. Here are some reasons why one might opt to adopt  this attitude:

It gets your point accross. No one will mistake your intention if you give plain and simple directions or instructions. If you are offering constuctive criticism, then the other party will not be offended.

It saves time and increases efficiency. This is because you no longer go around the problem but going straight to the root of it. Resolutions will then focus on this alone.

It earns other people’s respect. This means that you are honest and professional when at work. As you are more efficient, the more people will respect your ability to do tasks.

However, when one wants to practice directness, one must still watch what he or she is saying. Make sure that you are being polite, and if criticizing, be constructive. Also, make sure that the comment is appropriate and within context of the situation.


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