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Being More Productive

Do you wish to be more productive? Here are small stuff you can do that produces big results when it comes to productivity:

Prioritize you tasks. Mark those which should be done right away and those which you can do at a later time. You may use a software program, a calendar or planner, or post-its to remind you of these tasks. Whatever system you use is fine, as long as there is a system and that it works.

Avoid checking your e-mails every few minutes. Although this is obviously important, check your e-mail three times a day. Once in the morning, when you can reply those that are urgent. Delete or file away the rest. Check it again after lunch and once more before you leave in the afternoon or in the evening.

Stop procrastinating. The more you delay doing your tasks, the more difficult it will be to handle them later on once they have accumulated. See number one.

Clean your desk. Yes. A clean desk can do wonders to your productivity. Get folders and a simple filing system and holders for your pens and whatnots. The more space you can have on your desk, the more conducive it is for work.


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