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Being Nice to New Co-workers

LS_Office Girl

You were a new hire once too. Although the HR department of companies usually have a standard on-boarding for new hires, you can add your own welcome, especially to the newest member of your own team. It always pays to be nice.

The first thing you can do is to smile and greet the person warmly. Call them by their first name.You don’t have to be overly bright and bubbly, but as a newbie, it’d be nice to see a friendly face.

Ask the new hire to have lunch with you at your table. You can use the opportunity to get to know the person a little better, and vice versa.

Be helpful. You may be very busy but if you see the new colleague a bit lost, extend a helping hand.Make it known that your coworker can feel free to ask questions to you if they need information on anything.

Not only will this help building a good rapport with this particular co worker, but when the time comes that another new hire comes in, they might be the one who’ll be nice and take them under their wing as well.


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