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Boosting Employee Confidence


Not all employees have enough confidence like some in the workplace do. If you are a manager and you want to have a better understanding of your employees, then you’d better be more perceptive.

Find out the cause of the lack of self confidence and see if you can find out how to help your staff to overcome it. Helping employees to build their confidence will also help your team in making sure that they optimize their skills. There are two reasons why an employee lacks confidence at work:

Some employees may not have the proper skills necessary to excel in their present position. They might have been hired or promoted and they find themselves a little overwhelmed with the new tasks they need to do. As a manager, you may want to invest in training or have a mentoring program established. You can also provide staff with other resources that they can use. Encourage staff to make an effort on availing of these programs and services that has been made available to them.

Poor self esteem is another reason. You, as a manager can help these employees to set personal goals. You can also device a rewards system that can help boost the self-esteem of your employees who are good at their job but lack confidence despite it.


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