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Cafe Etiquette

Most students use cafes to study and hang out. Here are some rules on how to behave properly in cafes.

Some people buy a mug of coffee or an iced drink to stave them off for hours. Although it’s seldom that you’ll be asked to leave because of this, the proper way to do if you decide to work or study in the cafe is to make a purchase every hour.

Do not hog all the space. Notes, drafts, and lists shouldn’t be left scattered on the table. Make sure you share ample space with other people, especially if the place is crowded and seating is scarce.

This is the same for power outlets. Always fully charge your laptop. Leave the nearest socket open and use your battery for most of the time. Only when you need to charge is when you plug into the outlet. This is so other people can also charge their electronic devices.


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