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Calculating Party Supplies

Is budget tight? Need to know how many supplies you’re supposed to buy for your upcoming party? Here’s an easy way to calculate:

Always mention an RSVP when you’re handing out invites. This can be through phone, e-mail, text, mail, etc. Hand out your invitations at least two weeks before the party. Give your guests ample time to reply. You can follow up a week after the invitation has been given out.

Tally the number of confirmed guests and then estimate the number of unexpected guests. Take into consideration partners, children, etc. If you wish to keep the guest list small, indicate in the invitation that you are only extending the invitation to the recipient.

For each supply, buy or prepare 10 to 15 extra. If you have 20 guests, prepare 35 plates. If you’re buying disposable utensils, you can always save the extra and add these to the next items you’ll buy for your next party.


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