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Choosing a Web Site for Your Company

Choosing a web site for your start up business can be the start of big things to come. This allows for a wonderful way of advertising and getting information about yoru company to a lot of people.

Potential clients can visit your website and judge your credibility and quality of service by what they see there. So it’s important that you put 100% effort here as well.

But which hosting service do you choose? There are at least three types – free hosting, hosting by your internet provider, or a pre-paid hosting. What are the differences?

Free hosting is a misnomer. You might not pay for the actual space, but you’d have to deal with the following:

1) Your site’s url will include the name of the hosting service. For example: This might not resonate with the public, as the url can become long. Your business web site can be forgotten easily.

2) The technology you can use such as special scripts, etc. are limited.

3) There might be pop-up ads that can be annoying to your potential clients and customers.

Another type of hosting is the one that is part of the package offered by your internet provider. This can be better than free hosting, and they will be able to offer technical support. However, you might still end up getting a long web address. Another thing to consider is that if ever you decide to switch providers, service for your web site would stop too.

Pre-paid hosting might entail you to pay a certain amount per month, or per year but this will offer you a more personalized and more freedom to do whatever you want with your website.

Again, always remember to do your research first before you sign up for anything, especially if it’s paid.


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