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Choosing Lanyard for the Office Badges

Company issued lanyards can actually help employees wear their office badges at work. They would simply put it around their neck and they’d forget it’s even there.

If you’re choosing a new one for your office, here are some considerations you might want to consider to help you decide which to use.

If your company has its own color palette, make sure that you use them. Your lanyard can also help identify your employee as part of the company. However, make sure that it is not loud enough so that it might look tacky.

If your business entails a lot of client interaction, then perhaps a more subdued and more formal looking lanyard should be in order.

Make sure that you choose a lanyard that is durable. Remember, your company will be allocating a budget for this, and as much as possible, you wouldn’t want something that would give your budget a dent every two months or so.


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