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Cleaning Ceiling Fans

Cleaning ceiling fans can be a breeze. Simply follow the tips and suggestions below and you’ll be fine:

If you can move the furniture such as the bed or dining table under the fan, do so. This is to avoid having dust and dirt fall on them, making them dirty, which also means more cleaning for you. If the furniture is too big, you can simply drape old newspapers or a plastic sheet, or an old bed sheet over your furniture.

Get a sturdy ladder or chair where you can stand. Get a utility beltbag where you can put a spray bottle of cleaner, a damp cloth, and a dry cloth. This way you won’t need to get up and down the ladder, minimizing injury.

Use your vacuum cleaner with a long handle and fine attachment to get rid of the dust from the ceiling fan. When the dust is gone, spray the blades with the cleaner. Wipe with a damp cloth and dry with the other one. Don’t forget to clean the vents of the motor.

Vacuum any leftover dustbunnies.


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