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Cleaning Silk Curtains

Cleaning silk curtains shouldn’t be such a daunting task. Sure, one must be careful when cleaning any expensive material such as silk, but it can be done with care and these tips:

You won’t need to do difficult cleaning if you do regular maintenance. You can do this by using a vacuum cleaner with a curtain attachment. You can do this once a week. Just make sure that you use the lowest setting and that you do the vacuuming gently.

You may also place your curtains in the dryer (on air only) and add a dryer scent bag (not sheets). This will take care of the scent of your curtains, making them smell good.

For deeper cleaning, just make sure that you read the label first, and follow the instructions carefully. If they can be washed, be sure to wash them gently, using the delicate setting and use very mild laundry soap. Use a gentle cycle when drying or you can hang them on the clothesline to air dry.


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