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Cleaning the Pantry

Cleaning the kitchen pantry should be done regularly. This will keep your kitchen goods in better condition, and it would also keep the rodents and other pests away.

How regularly should this be done? Ideally, this should be done weekly – while checking your inventory before you do your grocery shopping. This way you’ll save time going through the items, throwing away empty cartons, assessing which items needs replacing, and listing them down on your grocery list.

But for the busy folks, try choose two days in a month when you can do most of your cleaning. Add cleaning the kitchen pantry to the list of things you need to attend to on these days. This way, you can devote your time into cleaning.

Get garbage bags and containers ready. Empty the pantry or cupboard. Now it’s time to sort out the food stuff. Check the expiration date of each item. Throw away those which are past their expiration dates. To avoid wasting food like this, always remember to create a grocery list and stick to it.

This way, you’ll only make sure that you’re buying what you need. As for the food items near their expiration date, group them all together and set aside.

Throw away empty packages and cartons. If you’re buying large packs of anything, it’s better to transfer them into jars and airtight plastic containers. This way, they’ll still maintain their freshness, than when you let them sit in their original packaging. For almost empty jars and plastic bins, make sure you wash them and let them dry comletely before you replenish them.

Get a damp cloth and wipe the pantry shelves clean and dust-free. Dry completely afterwards with another cloth. Now you can reorganize everything. Remember to put the food stuff that are near their expiration dates on the front so you’ll be able to use them right away.


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