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Creating a Safe Online Profile


It’s very easy to be detailed when creating a profile online, especially if one is excited about joining a social network for the first time. However, there is such a thing as giving away too much information about one’s self.

Simply withhold some information. Do not include your home address. Leave certain fields such as personal phone numbers and mobile numbers blank. You can even put only the month of your birthday and not the day and year.

Do not give away your passwords to anyone. Even if you don’t, somebody can steal it so it should even be difficult enough to crack anyway. But make sure that it is easy for you to remember though.
Remember to log in to official sites only.

Be careful when posting pictures of yourself and loves ones. These could be used to identify you, your friends, and family members. Make sure that you set your albums to private mode.

Make sure to explore the features of the social network sites you belong and take advantage of privacy controls. There is no reason why you can’t enjoy your time online, just be more safe.


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