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Deciding to Work at Home

Are you planning to shift from full-time employment to self-employment? Here are some factors you might want to consider before making that big leap.

Decide first what you want to do. Is it online work? Is it a small home business? Are you just going to go freelance in your field of expertise (for example, being an accountant, writer, architect, etc.)?

Research. Find out how to do it. Read books, visit online bulletin boards, ask other self-employed people, preferably in the same field. Find out what resources you need to prepare such as supplies, equipment, money for start-up, office space, etc.

Set it up. Before you resign from your current job, be sure that what you plan will work. Get your business started until such time that you can fully concentrate on it.

Think long and hard. Will the rewards of your small business be able to adequately replace those which you get from your full time work? If you think, feel, and know that you are all set, quit your full time job.


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