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Doing Background Checks on Applicants

When doing background checks on potential employees, keep in mind the following:

It’s necessary to inform the applicants that you’ll be doing a
background check on them. Remind them of this during the interview, or
you can have this typewritten on their application form, where you ask
them for references.

Be clear on the information you need for them. This will make doing
the checks easier. For example, you may want to know names, contact
numbers, e-mail addresses, and their relation to the applicant. Ask
for at least three references.

Create a questionnaire or a list of questions you would like to ask
the refereces so that you won’t waste your time or theirs when you
call them up. Don’t forget to jut down notes as you talk to them.

Make a report based on the interview and make sure you provide copies
to those who will be making the final decision on the hiring.


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