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Easy Holiday Activities

Holidays shouldn’t be a pain in the neck with the kids at home and they have nothing to do but to bug you. Here are some suggestions you can look into instead:

Get some exercise. If you live near the local park, you can gather your kids for an early morning walk. You can let them bring their toys. You can also bring a bag of healthy food for a small breakfast picnic. Fruits, cereals, milk and juices sound good.

Instead of laboring over the stove you can choose to eat out on a Sunday or Saturday about once a week. This is fun and relaxing, especially if you’re not used to eating out.

A backyard barbecue with old friends or neighbors could make a relaxing late afternoon or early evening. People can bring food and beer. The children can play with other kids.

Rent a nice family DVD, cook popcorn, and pig on snacks on a Friday evening. Kids and adults alike would love to share a nice movie complete with everything.

If you live near a petting zoo, you can hie the kids off to spend an afternoon feeding or holding animals.


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