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Eating Healthy on Business Trips

Here are some tips on how to eat healthily when you’re on a business trip:

There shouldn’t be any reason for you not to bring your own food.
Healthy and inexpensive snacks such as granola bars, nuts, etc. could
help you steer away from junk food which you would have to buy in the
first place.

If you can get a hotel room with a microwave/refrigerator or a
kicthen, then all the better. Instead of ordering take-out or eating
out, you can simply buy fresh ingredients and cook them in your hotel

Don’t forget to drink plenty of water. Alcohol should be kept to a
minimum and soda should be a no-no. If you’re in doubt about tap
water, then buy bottled water, or bring water purifier in tablet form.

If you’re in a business lunch or dinner, opt for the healthier
choices. Chow down on salads and grilled foods. If you can skip
dessert, all the better. If not, then choose fruit slices etc.


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