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Eating Spaghetti

Twirling the pasta is the correct way of eating spaghetti. But how do you do it?

Get your plate of spaghetti ready. Take out a spoon and fork and be prepared to eat.

Place your fork in your dominant hand and the spoon in the other.

Poke the fork into your pasta and pull up a few strands. Just enough for you to enjoy but not too much that you won’t be able to twirl the spaghetti around the fork.

Pull the fork up and separate the strands apart from the pasta on your plate.

Place the spoon against the tines of the fork for support. Now, you can twist the pasta around the fork. Use the spoon to control the pasta. Pull back the spoon once pasta has been fully twirled around the fork.

Practice. When you get confident in twirling pasta, you can make do without the spoon.

Simply tilt the handle of the fork down, with the angles of the tines away from the plate to keep the pasta from sliding off the fork.


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