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Emergency Car Check: Headlight

If dirty or malfunctioning, a headlight has reduced the efficiency and
might even minimize your driving safety and performance, especially in
the evening. If you think that your headlight needs some checking,
here’s what you can do:

Check your headlight from the outside if it’s just covered with dirt
or mud. If this is the case, simply get a rag and wipe it off.

If the bulb is busted, buy one for your car’s make and model. Install
as per instructions.

If the headlight lens is dirty from the inside, open the hood of your
car and secure it. Use a universal wrench and undo the bolts.
Disconnect any electrical wiring. Disassemble the headlight. You might
need to use a flat screw driver.

Wash the headlight components using detergent and water. Dry completey
with a dry, clean cloth. You may apply glass polish before
reassembling. Test the headlights.


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