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Emergency Road Kit

If you’re traveling long distance, then a reliable emergency road kit would surely come in handy for minor car fixes you might need to perform if needed.

First thing to do is make sure you have a spare tire in your trunk. Inspect to make sure that it’s in good shape and importantly, it should be inflated. Just in case, it is always best to have a small can of tire sealant as well. This can take care of plugging small holes. Make sure that you have a jack and a lug wrench, and a tire gauge to make sure you are able to change tires when they happen to go flat.

To revive a dying battery, it’s always best to have jumper cables stored in your car as well. Store with it extra fuses, two spare quarts of oil, antifreeze, windshielf wiper fluid, transmission fluid, and a gallon of water plus a funnel.

For basic tools, you will need screwdrivers, adjustable wriench, vise grips, old rags, paper towels, and a roll of duct tape. Don’t forget a mat or an old blanket for when you have lie under the car in case you need to do some repairs there.

Last but not the least, arm yourself with a flashlight and extra batteries, roadside flares and a couple of warning triangles.


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