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Enjoying Retirement

Retiring doesn’t mean the end of the world. Think of it as a great opportunity for you to do things you’ve always wanted to do but were too busy working to do them.

Don’t sit around the house doing nothing. If possible, be more active than you’ve ever been before.

Set a daily schedule which involves exercise and puttering around the house. You can do projects and hobbies such as crafts and carpentry. You can try painting, or even cooking.

Learning knows no age. You can even go back to school. This is important so your skills and mind don’t deteriorate from inactivity. Enroll in short courses or even graduate studies if you want.

If you have enough budget, then you can also do some traveling. You can meet more people and see new places.

Start your own business or even work part-time.

You can also reconnect with your kids and grandkids.


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