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Finding a Wedding Planner

Don’t be stressed out over your wedding. The last thing you would want is to look haggard on your wedding day. If you have the resources, why not hire a professional wedding planner to take care of the difficult stuff for you?

Make sure that you have finalized the date and the budget for your wedding. Talk about these details with your fiancee and agree on something that is practical and attainable.

Ask friends or relatives who have used the service of a wedding planner. You can get referrals and advice from these people. You can also search the web for wedding planners. Try local listings as well.

Start calling referrals and discuss prices and services they offer. Make sure you take these down so you can have an easier time deciding which one to hire.

Go over your notes. Compare prices and services. At this point, if you think hiring a wedding planner is too steep for your budget, you can also opt to plan your wedding yourself and with friends.

If you find that there is one or two planners whom you are interested in hiring, you can choose the best one who will fit your needs.

Meet with your planner, finalize plans and remember that you and your planner should sign a contract that states which services to do and at what cost.


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