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For Desk Jockeys: Avoiding Weight Gain

It is very easy for people who work behind their desks for hours straight to gain weight. This is because they don’t get enough exercise, and they tend to fuel themselves with easy-access food, which mostly turns out to be the ones that are bad for them.

Try not to be too immersed with work. Schedule two 10-15 minute breaks aside from lunch – once in the morning, and once in the evening. Take this time to stand-up and take a short walk or do some exercises.

Drink plenty of water instead of drinking a lot of coffee. This too will encourage you to get up from your desk.

Bring healthy snacks to work. This includes energy bars, granola bars, fruit slices, dried fruits, nuts, crackers, cereals, etc.

If you really can’t do exercises, take the stairs instead of the elevator.


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