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For Parents: Eating Out with Kids

Often we eat out and shake our heads at tables where families eat and the children are being impossible. To avoid this happening to you, here are some tips on how to make sure your children behave when you dine out.

Start at home. Make sure that you practice good table manners even when at home. How can you expect children to change what they’ve been used to doing at a snap of the fingers?

Be good role models as well. Children copy adults. If your kids see that you’re being pigs (which can be unfair to pigs) at the dinner table, chances are they will imitate you as well.

Plan ahead. Find a restaurant that is child-friendly. If you can make a reservation, do it so they can not only have a table reserved for you, but they can prepare stuff such as a high chair if needed.

Reward your kids when they are behaving nicely. A simple praise will do. If they are behaving otherwise, then take a time out. You don’t need to subject the other diners to discomfort.


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