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For Parents: Kids’ Safety in the Bathroom

Bath time can be fun time for kids, but these can be dangerous times too if you leave your kids unsupervised or if your shower or bath is not child-friendly.

Always have a responsible adult supervise your kids’ bath time. This is especially true for the younger children.

Establish bathing rules and make sure you explain these properly to children. Enforce these too strictly so they know you mean business.

Get decals or bat mats which you can buy easily in home or hardware sections of stores. You can place this in the bottom of the tub. This will help your child from slipping in the tub. This is one of the most common dangers that children are risk when they are bathing.

Provide a small plastic stool with a rubber surface where younger children can sit during washing. Children who are sitting down will have less chance of slipping.

Small children can hit their heads when they stand up from the bath. You can buy rubber faucet covers which can cushion the blow in case your child suddenly stands up and hit his or her head.


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