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For Parents: Preventing Cyber-bullying of Your Kids

Cyber-bullying is a new kind of bullying children and teenagers have to deal with. As parents, you should be extra vigilant in keeping cyberbullies from terrorizing your kids. But how do you do this, when the Internet is the perfect place to hide?

Know more about cyberbullying. The best way to prevent cyber-bullying is to find out more about it. Search the internet and rad about real life incidences of cyber-bullying. Find out if your state has laws about cyber-bullying, so you’ll know what measures to take in case your children become victims.

Once you’ve gathered enough information, make sure that you discuss this with your children. Talk about what to do when they encounter troublesome online behavior. If they feel uncomfortable, make sure they understand that they tell you about this as soon as possible.

You can also install parental control software on your children’s computer. You can also help monitor by having a computer for family use which is placed in the living room or anywhere with high people traffic.


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