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For Vegetarians: Eating Out with Non-Vegetarian Friends

If you are vegetarian, and you have non-vegitarian friends, it can be a bit troublesome when you eat out. This shouldn’t be the case. You can still eat something in the same places where your friends usually go to:

If the meal is planned and you are going to make reservations, you can always phone in advance and ask if a vegetarian menu is available. Don’t be shy about asking for specific details. They might have seafood and dairy in their selection, and they maybe stuff you cannot eat.

If you’ve just decide on the spot, you can always order salads and soups and other vegetables dishes. You can order more and make these into your main meal. If you can eat fish and dairy, then you can try the seafood dishes.

Remember to ask your server or the manager of the ingredients in the dish if they include meat and fats. This is very true for sauces and soups.


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