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Forming a Study Group

Study groups are one way to study. Not only do you enjoy the company of friends, but this also helps students cover more topics or subject matters than when they are studying on their own.

Aside from friends, make sure that you have the following people in your study group. You can even assign roles for each person so that you have a more systematic method to your studying:

Students who attend classes. This is for obvious reasons. students who attend classes know what topics are to be discussed, which subject matters will be included in the test. It also helps that you can verify notes or points with one another. How can you do this when no one in the group actually attends classes?

Students who take good notes. These students get the most important details during lectures. This will help cut the time as you get to the core of the topic.

Students who think critically. Discussions is important in study groups. It is good that others challenge opinions and facts. This helps keep the group lively and it also helps everyone verify facts.

Student who can act as leader or mediator. This is an important role. The leader will make sure that everyone participates in the discussion and make sure that one does not dominate. The leader can also act as time keeper and keeps the flow of the study smooth.


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