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Getting Children to Do Housework

It is not that difficult to teach or convince children to do household chores.

They key here is start them young and to explain to them the importance of doing these chores. Children can be quite reasonable, if can only explain things properly to them.

Teach your kids responsibility. They should know that in order for everyone to enjoy priveleges in the family, each one needs to do his or her own part. Make sure that the appropriate chores are assigned to everyone (consider age and safety).

Explain the reason for the task. Expecting children to obey blindly is no way to ensure that you get their full cooperation. By explaining to them the consequences of their actions can help them understand that what they’re doing is relevant and important.

Create a list or a chart that displays each family member’s task and when these tasks should be implemented. You can also discuss a rewards system with your children. You can pay them for finishing tasks well. Consider this as simulating work and income.

Make it fun. Show to them that doing these chores should be done out of love for the family, and not because it’s a tedious task.


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