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Giving Check as a Wedding Gift

Are you planning to give money as a wedding gift. Before you open your wallets, here are some tips you may want to read:

If you’re gonna give money, make it more formal by giving a check. It’s not as tacky is giving cash, and your signature on it gives a personal touch to it.

If you are giving the check before the wedding, make sure you write it out to either the bride or groom, whoever you are closer to. If it’s the bride, write it in her maiden name.

If you are giving it at or after the wedding, write the check to both the bride and groom, using their married names or individual names, especially if the bride is not going to take her husband’s last name.

Write checks with increments of one hundred – meaning the minimum amount should be one hundred.

Put check in a gift card or a wedding card or a clean, white envelope.


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