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Guest Etiquette for Weddings

What is the good manners when you receive an invitation to a wedding? Read on and find out:
Make sure you read all the details when you recive the invitation. Take note of the date, time, venue, dress code, and how many guests you are allowed to bring, and any other special information that the couple wish to convey.
If the invitation comes along with a place card, which indicates if the guest can bring a date, make sure you write down the name of your date and return it with your RSVP.
If it is not indicated that you may bring along a date, you can always clarify by asking anyone close to either the bride or groom.
Unless specified that you may, do not bring children along to the wedding. You can try asking if you may bring your children with you to the wedding party however. Confirm this with the bride or a member of the wedding party.
It is acceptable to come in with your spouse if the invitation is addressed even to only one of the couple.

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