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Guides for Bringing Gifts When Traveling

If you’re travelinhg outside the country and want to bring gifts along
(maybe even to or from your country of destination).

Bring light and small gifts so you won’t need to pay for exces
baggage. Clothes, jewelry, scarves, gloves, perfume, some chocolate,
are good examples of gifts. If you’re buying liquid, just make sure
you check the size limit for airplane travel, especially if you are
placing them in your carry on baggage.

For valuable gifts, kepe them in your carry on baggage. Some airlines
do you compensate for loss or damage of things checked in. So beware.

If you’re bringing fragile things, be sure to wrap them in transparent
bubble wrap. And avoid buying perishable gifts. Besides, most
countries do not allow fruits and vegetables from abroad.

Avoid wrapping items before boarding the plane. These will be removed
if the airport officials deem it necessary. Include original packaging
and tags as well.


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