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Having a Hotel Bed at Home

Do you wish to sleep comfortably as if you would in an expensive hotel? Here are some tips on how to fancy-up your bedroom:

Invest in a good bed with a good, sturdy, and comfortable mattress. If you’re a little short of money, you can simply purchase a “feather” layer which you can place on top of your current mattress.

For added comfort, purchase hotel bedding or beddings with the highest thread count that you can afford. Layer bed with a good wool or micro fleece blanket. This is good during winter. You can always drop the extra layer during summer. For the bedspread, find a heavy luxurious fabric. Add a duvet as well that you can place under the bedspread.

Give your bed a finished look by adding to it a headboard. You can buy them new or you can buy them in garage sales or antique stores and refinish them. Make sure that you fasten them well so they stay in place and not hurt you when they fall while you are sleeping.

Place a bowl of poutpurri on your bedside table. This will add a fresh scent to your hotel-like bedroom.


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